It was working perfect and then I over volted it 1TB My Book Essential USB 2.0External Hard Drive

I have a 1tb MY book essential and I was using it to back-up my business computer and I went to hook it up yesterday and I used the wrong plug for it.  Now the blue light just keeps blinking when connected.  I have taken it out of the case and tried just pluging in the cable to the board not connected to the hdd and it stays solid, then when I conect everything it starts blinking again.  Any one have any ideas?  or how can I get my info off of it?


Look thru the posts by fzabkar he’s helped others with that problem. Or send him a PM. He’s about the only one with any real understanding of the boards.


especially if you used the wrong power adapter for it.  you probably fried one of the resistors on the board.  fzabkar has plenty of posts where there are pictures of what to do.  it boils down to cutting one of the transistors off the board and you can regain your data.  just research his profile for his posts, and you should be able to find something to help you.

however, do understand that this will void your warranty, and if you cut the wrong thing it will screw it all up.  I’d just probably pm him.