It may have died

My 500 GB MyBook has been behaving erratically. Using the OS X disk utility, some links were found to be corrupted. Repair disk didn’t do any good. So, I erased the external drive.

Backups, using Time Machine, have not been successful. Several GB of data gets written to the external drive, and then the backup fails. Sometimes, the drive is unmounted with no known cause.

Do I need to install some WD software on the drive?

The “moving LED” display on the case does not move as it once did. Is that significant?

Any thoughts? Bad drive? Can it be repaired or do I buy a new one?




If you connect the drive to a different computer do you experience the same issue?

I connected it to another Mac. Instead of a backup, I attempted to copy several GB of data to the external drive. The transfer eventually hung.

Turns out, my external drive is still under warranty. It has been returned to WD, and and replacement is on its way.