It is possible to use USB and direct connect to PC

hello…i have WD MyCloud 2T, can i use USB in it and connect directly to pc without MyCloud software? for fast copy and paste…thanks…

No that won’t work. The USB port is to connect USB disks to the NAS. You could copy data to a USB disk on your computer, and then connect the USB disk to the NAS to copy to the internal disk of the NAS, but it won’t be necessarily faster than copying directly from the computer to the NAS over the network. The speed difference depends on your network.

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The surprising thing is that you can connect the ethernet cable from the WD Cloud directly to your PC. You won’t get any faster speed then a gigabit, but at least you can bypass the middleman router.


i found this thing in net…can i use this?

why would you want to use this? a gigabit ethernet is faster then USB 2.0 that is rated at around 450mbits/s and by the time you get the real world factor it drops to around maybe 23MB/s usable.