It is not the network it is the NAS OS that is slow

There are a lot of complaints about how slow the various WDNAS products are. The Network gets most of the blame. When I run a program that finds duplicate files in a directory here are my results

Directory in local HDD - Ultra fast

Directory in USB attached HDD - very fast

Directory in shared HDD on another computer on the network - very fast (not much different from USB)

Directory on a NAS Terra Station - fast (only slightly slower than the shared HDD)

Directory on a WD NAS product - weeks

I have two different WD NAS products they are both slower than molasses in winter

In the DUP file program I can list multiple directories (both local and across the network). When the program builds an index it first logs all the files on each selected directory. The programs logs files so quickly on everything but the WDNAS that I can’t read them (several files a second). On the WDNAS I have no trouble reading the individual file listings. 

What does this show? I’m not sure but the speed problem sure doesn’t appear to be in the Network.

Does WD know what is happening here? I suspect they do.

Hello bshanner,

Please check your Pm.

Have you looked at the WebDAV FAQ?