It finds the media share but

Very disappointed ini wish I had perused this forum before purchasing this bleep

the dekstop files are easliy found & played - However on the laptop sometimes they show up sometimes I get the source has been removed or something message. I think I have been able to play a musci files and a short movie.

Is this Arlink 150 the problem…? The desktop is connected to the wirless router no problem finding those files but  99.9% of the time  it sees the latpop as a media server  but will not play files or even show them

The folders are shared  

As a test if I moved the unit to the room with the wireless router would the AIRLINK  would better

I do not know how to tell if is the Airlink 150  is the problem or not - finds the laptop in the media servers but almost never plays a file 

I would defintely not recommend this product 

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

step 2 in trouble shooting - folder shows up in net view - same as it  does if I net view the desktop - The WD talks to the desktop quick no problems. The laptop is intermittent it just let plya a music file now it will not find them. Like I said laptop shows in media server list but 99 out of 100 times it will not find the files. Since it sometimes finds the files I do not think it is a windows issue

It makes me suspect  the Airlink is not always talking cause the desktop is connected to router - laptop is another room not a very big house but the router is older G Belkin…?         

does it make ANY sense at all to try it on the TV in room with the router


Ok, there’s two different things here.

If the WD is seeing the MEDIA SERVER, but not seeing the FILES, it’s because it’s not getting the LIST from the Media Server.   The Server is responsible for giving the file listing to the WD.  

You might need to investigate the media server itself and see if that is the issue.

THANKS. That appears to be the problem. laptop is a VAIO and has it’s own media center integrated with windows so I started the vaio media ‘center’ and it appars to be working. However It has appeared to be working in the past but I have been able to do mroe this time. I am a systems analyst and can’t imagine the average PC user jumping through the hoops I jumped to make this work. I am talking about windows 7 not being friendly possibly a virus had infected my system.

I am also a musician and having the ability to quickly stream music to my stereo as opposed to PC speakers is HUGE

Thanks for helping me and helping others.    

I spoke too soon. It still only finds the files .001 % of the time.  I GIVE UP