Issues with WD Black 4tb 256 cache hdd

I am having trouble with my hdd. It doesnt want to turn on from a boot from shutdown. In order to get it to turn on, I have to remove the power cable from the hdd while the pc is on and hte plug it back in, and hten it will turn on and be usable. Before doing that though, the hdd is not detected in the bios and it is detected in windows strangely enough. It wont let me initialize the hdd before i unplug the power from it, it only works after. I have went through 3 different drives with the WDC WD4005FZBX model and the issue is the same. Tried using different psu cables, sata cables and ports on the psu and motherboard, issue didnt change. I tried using different hard drives on my pc and they work just fine, as they should. I tried using the hdd on a different pc and issue is still the same, so I dont know what else to do. I saw in these forums that some people have it working, and have found solutions, though those solutions arent very clear. Can someone please give me some assistance.