Issues with video files timing out played through My Cloud app on WD TV Media Player

Hello, hope you all had a good xmas and New Years. Hopefully someone might know the answer to my dilemma. I have set up my My Cloud and have been transferring my files to it. Since Wednesday I have been able to watch my files through the Media Player as the WD My Cloud app is sync with the My Cloud. Everything was working as normal, but as of yesterday files are timing out. What I mean is I put a movie on, then 2 minutes into the movie, it stops. I tested a few files and was getting the same response.

I then copied a file to my WD My Passport and connected it to the Media Player. The same files were playing as normal all the way through without timing out. I tried again this morning and have had the same error. I thought maybe it might have had to do with transferring so much all at once, so I deleted everything and started again only doing a small amount at a time. I tested it again and came up with the same error.

There is nothing wrong with the files as they have played all the way through on my passport hard drive. I have also noticed that when you see what files I have on the my cloud through my Mac, they are not all showing up in the Media Player to watch.

How is the WD TV Media Player and the My Cloud connected to the local network? Is the local network using Gigabit networking? Are all devices using the same IP address subnet range and workground name?

If you haven’t seen the unofficial Twonky FAQ you should read through it to understand how media serving works with the My Cloud.

Twonky is not even in the picture if viewing video via the Network Shares menu choice. It is only an issue if using Media Server choice.

A drive directly connected to the WDTV that plays well indicates the WDTV is fine, but if viewing videos wirelessly from network, it could be affected by poor wireless connectivity. That is my guess. I only view videos wirelessly with a tablet (and have no issues) my WDTV is directly hard wired to my network to eliminate wireless issues.
I have a second WDTV that had to be connected wirelessly at 2.4G, but poor play-ability problem disappeared once I got a Wi-Fi Bridge device that connects to 5G and outputs ethernet into WD wired port. Thus, converting a high speed wireless signal into a fast wired output.

Great, thanks guys for your help. Will give it a go and let you know how it goes

I have been able to fix the issue I had. One was because of the old modem I had with not very fast Wifi speed and the other was because the files in the Shared Videos, Shared Music and Shared Photos folders on the My Cloud.

Once I had bought a new modem and moved the videos from the folders, the files were running fine. I had tested it first with just the new modem and it was still giving same issue but once I then moved the from the Shared folders, they were all working great.