Issues with Time Machine - new backup must be created


since I’ve upgraded to Lion I keep getting the “Time machine completed a verification of your backup. To improve reliability new backup must be created” error, about every 1-2 weeks, and any effort to repair the sparsebundle is useless.

I’m on the last firmware, and I’m not the only one getting this error, there is another thread in the MyBook Live sction.

Please, WD, just try to solve this, TM is the main reason cause I bought my MBW.

I tried everything, and nothing worked for me!

Check this tutorial for the MBL and see if it helps.

Have you reported this to WD Tech support? I have see few people reporting this issue, but they just created a new back and the error stop popping up.

exact same issue,

haven’t tried repairing, any instructions on it anywhere?

yes I am having this issue too.  Any help out there?