Issues with Red 3TB Drive

Hello there forum peoples!

I’ve got a drive here that is seemingly on the way out and had a few questions…

Lately when trying to access the drive or move files to from it, it will frequently stall the OS, become inaccessible as a whole and give errors such as “the file or directory corrupted and unreadable” and then be inaccessible until the system is rebooted  (where it may then work for a while).

Today, there are SMART errors appearing in Intel’s RST utility and I’m unable to even see the drive. I’ve tried the drive on two PC’s now and will try and port the data elsewhere to be on the safe side.

Strangely after 7 hours of testing the drive with the Data Lifeguard software, it sees no issues. So I’m a trifle stumped!

Is there any testing I should conduct before a possible RMA?




You could try formatting it. This could be case of data corruption.