Issues with new WD TV Live


I’ve just purchased the WD TV Live (not sure what generation model it is) and I’m having difficultly setting it up.

Firstly, I’m not sure if my ethernet port is broken but the ethernet cable is a bit hit and miss when trying to connect to my router. There’s no glow behind the ethernet port so I’m guessing it’s not connecting properly. I’ve tried using a different cable and the same issue.

Second, I can’t watch any .mkv files. When the WD TV finally connects to my router they don’t appear in my media library list. If it helps I’m running Windows XP professional.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Try moving a small video file to Shared documents/Shared videos and and check if the WD will play it.

Hi Keithb,

I tried your suggestion but the file didn’t appear in my media library. I’ll try and explain the whole picture here;

With the installation of WD TV Live I’m having a problem with installing the “WD Discovery” component; when I click on WD Discovery it finds the network drive “WDTVLIVE” and there are 3 things to do;

  1. Map Network Drive;

  2. Browse Network Shares; and

  3. Create desktop shortcut.

Out of the 3 the only one I can do is create a desktop shortcut. The other 2 options say “no network share available”. I have a feeling this is my problem with playing my .mkv files. The files that appear on my TV through WD TV Live are all my files in Windows Media Player 11. If I delete a file in WMP 11 the file doesn’t appear on my TV. This makes me think the problem with playing .mkv files is linked to the lack of functioning of WMP 11. Since WMP 11 can’t play .mkv files without the correct codes, I can’t add them to my playlist and thus they aren’t appearing on WD TV Live.

I hope this information makes my issue a little clearer.