Issues with mycloud iphone app


    Just took the new update, and I am able to access my mycloud device, with my iphone 6plus andI am able to see all my content, but can’t play a single movie or song thru my iphone 6 plus.  There is either an issue with the updated APP or the new update on my mycloud device. I have rebooted my iphone and rebooted my mycloud device, and still no difference.  I believe the major issue is with the iphone app.  Any fix would be appreciated.



Were you able to play the same video files before the update? Have you tried uninstalling the app and trying again? Are you able to play those video files when stored within your phone?

I was able to play all the video files and all the music files before the update.  My wife (iphone6plus)has NOT taken the update and can still access all the video, and music files on my mycloud server.  i don’t store any music or movies on my phone, so can’t test that.  My son has the iphone 5 and he took the update on his phone and now he can’t access any of the music files, or movies.  I have deleted and redownloaded the mycloud app and that still doesn’t work.



Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support



Hi there

We have passed this along to support

I have the same issue with streaming to my Apple TV.

App version on my Iphone6s plus is 4.41 and all of our devices running this version are unable to connect to all of our Apple TV devices. We have an older iPad with an older version of the App and that is working perfectly…so what have you been up to WD ???:dizzy_face:

i have problem new update my cloud for ios   smartwave missing