Issues with memory on 1tb caviar green

Hi guys, I’ve recently built a new pc. I was upgrading to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and it all went well, except that my 1 tb caviar green hard drive had only 100 mb of storage space! The title of the drive had changed to system reserved and every time I boot up there is a 20 second delay and then I see the bsod. Can anyone help? Here are my specs
Amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition @ 4 ghz, 8gb corsair xms3, ocz agility 3 60gb ssd, 1tb wd10earx caviar green hdd, xfx radeon hd6850, asus m4a87td-evo mobo.

What do you see on the computer BIOS?

I believe the 100MB system reserved is the MRB data. If Windows 7 is installed to an unpartitioned drive it creates the system reserved partition. It doesn’t do that with a partitioned drive. Did you look in disk management? There is should show a 100 MB System Reserved partition and your partition for C. Is this a clean install on the HD or an upgrade?