Issues with files stored on MyCloud drive being accessed by multiple programs

I am having some issues with my new My Cloud 4TB drive. I have some cyberlink powerdirector 16 files, and some photos stored on the drive. Whenever I double click a file to open powerdirector it crashes. A similar thing happens in photoshop CS 5.1 except it does not crash and only some controls work. It is only affecting files stored on this specific drive. The same issues does not happen with my other network shares. The issues also does not present itself when files are selected through the file, open process. The issue does not appear to be tied to one system. I tried a fresh install of windows 10 on a new pc, and the same issue happens. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hello netadm,

I would suggest you to contact WD support as it might be an issue with the file format.

Refer the link mentioned below for contact details.