Issues with copying media to ext HDD connected to Live

I have a 500GB WD Elements connected to my WD TV LIVE.  Sometimes I can copy my media up to it.  Then sometimes I cant no matter what I try.

My main computer is downstairs and my WD TV live is upstairs and connected with a cat6 cable.  I usually get about 11MB download to the device.

Anyone else experiencing intermitant issues trying to copy media up to a External drive connected to the Live ???

OR better yet have a solution?

Some folks do have trouble with intermittent connections to the Live.  This can be caused by a whole slew of things, but the first thing to look at is to see if you have WIndows Live ID assistant installed on your PC.  If so, uninstall it.

No Windows Live assistant on my pc.  I dont use Windows live but I checked anyways.

I even thought it may be Vista 64bit so I used VMware with XP and still no dice.  Real frustrating.

Ive been doing some troubleshooting.

A small file will tranfer instantly.  a 640mb file will instantly copy 3mb then wait about 1min then copy the other 99.7%.

A file over a gig used to work before but again would drop 3mb instantly then take some time (1min+) before starting to copy the remainder.  Now it wont copy more than approx 1 gig file size.

To me it appears to be something to do with the WD Live and its calculation of free disk space on the external.  I have plenty of free GBs but Im guess its a bug in some sort of free space available code… PLEASE fix this WD!!!

I figured out the issue.

My drive was formated as 500gb fat32.  Ive since tried as 500gb ntfs and all issues with file tranfers through the live are now gone.

I would recommend to anyone using an external drive and Vista/7 to use NTFS as the format for the external drive.