Issues with 3 different wd products no reason

My WD My Book hard drive is not working correctly, I was in the middle of downloading some files and shut my computer down to run errands and when I came back to finish the files my My Book was no longer showing up in my file explorer, it does show up under the section where it says eject item, it shows up in the drives manager but not the other manager. The hard drive is running, and light shows from the inside. As I said it was working perfectly and my errands took less than 30 minutes when it stopped showing in the file explorer anymore. The more I look into wd hard drives the more I find that thier products have a lot of issues that I did not know about when I looked into the research originally. I tried everything that was suggested. I plugged the hardrive directly into the wall, I shut down the computer a couple of times, I went in and unistalled the my book drive under all the areas you could do that and reinstalled nothing worked!!! this is ridulous how can their products have so many issues this one does not make sense. it was working and than it wasnt and I can not get to my files that I was back up which is the whole point of these products how is wd sitll in business seriously!?

So WD Support got back to me and these are the things they suggested.
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Technical Support. My name is Katherine M.

I understand that you are facing issue with your WD My BOOK, WD My Passport and WD Live Media Player device. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Per your concern, I would request you to follow the below mentioned link for troubleshooting:

Also, I would request you to try enable and disable the drive sleep timer through WD Drive Utilities and check whether the issue still persist or not. Please refer to the below mentioned link for how to disable and enable drive sleep timer:

Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities

Regarding your second query, I would request you to follow the below mentioned link for troubleshooting after connecting the drive directly to your computer:

Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive

So I tried pretty much all of these things at least I believe I have some of it is a bit confusing. Also there were a couple more links that had nothing to do with what i actually posted and they wouldnt let me post those in this section only two site links are allowed. So the the Western digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool showed the passport drive but did not show the My Book hard drive at all. All the other things suggested here that I tried to do did nothing at all, neither drive still shows up in my file explorer. I even got a new wall adapter for the My book it is one of things everything said might be one possible issue, yeah nothing still.

So I have posted this on every review site for WD I could find, amazon, walmart, google and any store I could find that sells these products I also posted it to Better Business Bureau

After all these hardrives are made to keep our data safe yet I now have 2 devices that I can not retrireve or see my files and movies and things that is a lot of time just lost and gone, thanks wd!!