Issues when sorting alphabetically, duplicates, and disappearing files

Hi, I’m new here, I have the WD Live Hub and, I’ve copied all my movies to the local Hub storage in a folder titled Movies.

There are a couple of problems in one place:

  1. When using “Folder View” and Alphabetical Sorting, the movies that are in folders sort normally, but movies that are simple .avi files do not,  here’s an image to help visualiaze

  2. Now the other problem is that even though the movie file in the pic above starts from S… ■■■■■■ Punch , you’d think the rest of the movies that start with A , B, C etc will be found in the next pages, but they aren’t, at least not all of them, here’s another screenshot:

As you can see the movie’s look sorted alphabetically, but at some point, after Z… it starts over not from A, but from I and it continues until Z again ! so the movie Zombie Strippers and 30 others (S to Z) are actually duplicated in the end, and there are about 30 movies (A to H) that are not showing up at all.

  1. If I remove the Folder view, this problem goes away, but then I get all the videos from the HUB storage, which is something I don’t want to do, I have organized my media files in folders.

I have the latest firmware: 3.01.19

I did a full reset and let it index the contents again, the problem did not get fixed, the images above are taken immediately after the reset.

please help!

thank you 

Folders get sorted before individual files inside a given folder. Upper case letters at the beginning of a file name get sorted before file names starting with lower case letters.

I’m a Mac guy, and this took me some time to comprehend. I don’t know why it is so, but it is so.

The folders will always display first. That means that folders 1-A-Z will show before files 1-A-Z. Also, folder names contain only the name that is given to the folder, not any extension afterwards (.mkv, .avi, .etc), whereas the actual media files have the file type appended to the end of the file name. To remove the extension and have only the name of the film displayed, turn on the Media Library function and Get Information to Automatic or whatever it is in the System section of the Settings. Alternatively, turn on Media Library, browse to the actual files wherever they are from within the Hub and hit the Options button on the ones that have the file extension and select “Get Info.” This will search various DB’s (IMDB and whatnot) to get the film’s information like full title, synopsis, director, actors and whatnot. This will replace the file name with the title of the actual film, meaning that the file type will not show up when you are browsing your films. Also, to get the alphabetical sorting fixed, keep a consistent file/folder structure. That means either keep all your films in one folder or keep every single one in it’s own individual folder. That way they will always show up consistently in alphabetical order instead of first all the folders being listed in alphabetical order and then the files. I personally keep one folder that contains all my videos in the root of that folder and have folders within that folder only for television shows with several episodes. That means that my 7 or so television series show up as folders ahead of the entire 375 film collection in alphabetical order.

Sorry for the huge post, I hope this helps.


Snackbidi, thanks for your comment,  

Your comment has some really valuable information, like the “Get Info” function that I didn’t know of, thank you! 

For the extension I don’t think that’s the issue I’m facing here, but I’ll try that too !

Now for the sorting, I know how folders and files get sorted, and it has nothing to do with caps or lower cases, from what I understand,  you have something like this.

[tv show 1] ( folder)

[tv show 2] ( folder )




Which is pretty much what I have, except that for me, the folders ARE sorting correctly, but the files are NOT! 

plus some files are getting duplicated, and some are not even showing up.

in my case this is where it’s buggy:

[tv show A] ( folder)

[tv show B] ( folder )

[tv show C] ( folder ) 

[tv show D] ( folder ) 

… up to Z 

[tv show Y] ( folder ) 

[tv show Z] ( folder )  <---- everything is normal up to this point

movie_S   <---- this is where it messes up, files sorted starting from “S”








movie_I  <----  files sorted again but this time from the letter “I”




…( up to S )

movie_S  <---- here it shows movies from S to Z again ! which are duplicated 








Did you notice that movie_S to movie_Z are duplicates, and movie_A  up to  movie_H are not showing up at all ? 

I hope this was clearer… 

When I check the Hub content from my pc, everything seems normal, there are no duplicates, and the hidden movies on the hub, actually exist in the folder on the pc.

thank you very much for your time !

I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed

so nobody else is having the same problem above? 

Do any of the WD people read the issues posted here ?