Issues seeing my NAS after 3.00.28 update

After updating my WD TV Live Hub I noticed I couldn’t see my D-Link DNS-323. When I go to Network share I saw SMB/CIFS and NFS, before I use to see my the name of my D-link. When I look at SMB/CIFS or NFS it doesn’t see the NAS.

Is there a new setting I’m missing? or is it possible to downgrade my firmware to an old version so it will work. I have not made any config changes to anything. I even tried reseting the Live hub settings.

Suggestions please!

When I look at the network shares under SMB/CIFS I would see my router’s name as a share, but I never saw this before the update.

Sound’s like a problem with the WORKGROUP settings mismatching between your Hub / Router / Server…

I ended up correcting the workgroup, reset all the settings while trouble shooting there lol. Still couldn’t see any of my networked devices.

Downgraded the software, then I was able to see my networked stuff.

I have the same problem.  The WD TV doesn’t see my NAS after the firmware update. Before the update everything worked fine. 

What settings do I have to correct? I am also thinking about downgrading the software. It worked fine before the update.

Just try doing a factory restore before you do a rollback…

I had done the restore first, thats how I ran into the workgroup issue. Rolling back does work, so thats what I’m sticking with for now.

I did the restore and it is working again. 

The NAS is recogized. Thx!