Issues playing files over network


I’ve been attempting to setup a new WD TV Live, and seem to be having issues with playing files over the network.

I’ve only found one file so far that I can play successfully over the network (both Wireless & Wired)


All other files not matter what I do or format I use I cannot get them to play over the network but exactly the same file on a USB thumbdrive will play without issues.

Example MediaInfo:

The media files are stored on a Linux box running Samba which is connected via Ethernet. The samba shares are user account restricted, I can see the the files but whenever I attempt to play a file I get the “unable to play selected file” error message, but of course I can play the same file from USB.

The networking is working as I can use the Youtube feature fine. I’m out of ideas now, as everything I’ve tried has no effect.

Thanks for any help

I’m trying to set up a new Live Plus and I’m seeing the same exact problem.  Media files are .MP3 (music) and .AVI (video) on a Thecus NAS share.  I can see the files, but it says it can’t play them.  Copy them to a USB flash drive and they play fine.  I can access the NAS files fine from Macs and PCs on the same local network.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well…yesterday I updated the firmware of my Thecus N2100 NAS which supposedly uses a later version of SAMBA than I previously had.  Also played around with account ACLs and permissions.  Not sure what did it, but lo and behold I can now not only “see” the media files on the NAS, but play them as well!  YAY…and from the early reports it looks like I’ll be staying away from the latest WD firmare update now that I have this thing finally working.

Roolback your firmware to 1.03.49_B