Issues creating user account on My Cloud

Every time I try to create a user account through the dashboard, I get the following error:

A bad request was made. (200400)

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, so I can get another accouint set up in order to try sharing out some folders, that would be really appreciated!


Hi Craig_B, try doing a system only factory restore, also check if you have the latest firmware update installed. Check the links below for more information.

How to restore a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive to factory default settings 

How to manually or automatically update the firmware on a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2 or WD My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive 

So I figured it out.  Apparently you cannot create a user with Guest as the first name.  Once I changed the name to something else, it worked fine.

Might be nice for them to let everyone know up front that certain names are unacceptable.