Issues connecting MyCloud to XBMC media center

I recently set up an XBMC media center am having issues connecting to my MyCloud drive.  they are on the same network, and my PS3 can see the MyCloud but XBMC cannot.  how do I find the upnp address for my drive?  That was one of the settings to input but I dont see where to find that for my drive.

In XBMC, just add a new source in your library and setup as a samba source in the list of devices. From there just add the ip of the my cloud.

It doesnt give me an option to pick samba.  It only lets me pick upnp, nfs, smb, and such.  

samba = smb

On the Main Menu, select Videos , then select Files , select Add Videos (if your adding videos, if your adding Music select Music on the main menu)…

Click on Browse, then select “Windows network (SMB)

Then select the MyCloud.  Then select the folder you want to add.


Then select OK.   Then select OK again in the browse window.

In the new window, were it says “This directory contains”, select the type of files you are adding, then select OK again

If it asks you if you want to refresh all data for this path, or something to that extent, select Yes and your done.

thanks for your help!  turns out first problem was, was that i was having issues connecting to my router.  got that fixed but then it wouldnt let me add through smb, so had to manually put IP address in…now it is updated the info for all my movies.  adding my TV shows next.  Thanks again.

btw…what XBMC skin is that?  it looks really clean!  better than the stock one

It’s Aeon Nox.