Issues about speed, index and USB.. any hope anybody?


I’m going slightly mad about WD. I had a WD LifeBook (white lights) for 3 years with some troubles but it worked at least OK. It suddenly died (controller hangs without being accessible over net and then switches off automatically, maybe anyone has an idea on this?). 

So I searched for a replacement and found the 4TB Version of the WD MyCloud. I connected it to the router and after about 2-3 days of copying about 1TB auf files on it (a mix of all kinds, including 1000+ vids and 30k+ mp3 and photos) things looked OK. 

But then I wanted to use the more advanced features like the DLNA or at least connecting a USB3 drive to copy more videos directly. But nothing of this works :frowning:

  • Dashboard is dead slow

  • No capacity shown

  • WD Smart Ware shows drive as “no space” (even though Windows Explorer coerrectly states 3TB free and is accessible) 

  • DLNA scans endlessly even when I switch it off. 

(Firmware updated on 4.1.3-421

Most annoying: 

When I connect the USB3 drive it is not seen the first 3-5 tries. Then I gave up frustrated and when I came back some days (!) later the Dashboard showed at least that the drive is connected but with 0 bytes. It is not mounted anywhere so I cannot copy anything. 

I understand:

I understand that it may take some time to index 1TB of data even for days but

I cannot understand why the USB drive is not shown and why I am not able to limit the DLNA indexing to a specific subfolder (with a reasonable amount of data in it instead of ALL data on disc). Even when I switch DLNA and Itunes off it still is scanning (and slowing the brick down to no speed). While I am writing this the index states: 

The whole device seems broken in so many aspects that I wonder how WD is selling it and if maybe somebody has a workaround at least on the most basic functions (mount the USB drive WITH content)?

Problem is: WD is cheap and it looks like I would have to invest twice as much money to get a device from another vendor, or am I wrong?

Help appreciated


Yes there are workarounds for the issues you are experiencing.
Check these posts in the FAQs.

Firstly, you can stop the scanning services by following this guide:

This should stabilise your device, which will allow you to downgrade the firmware to v3. Make sure to disconnect any USB connected device before you start.

As soon as the downgrade is complete, turn off auto-update firmware and media scanning. You will then need to redo the steps above to kill the scanning services.

The downgraded firmware will be more stable and also allow you to use USB attached device for backups.

Next, you should check that your data is structured correctly for correct Twonky operation. Read this next:

Once you are done with that, you should be safe to turn on DLNA media server.