Issue with windows 7 media server and virus scan

I just purchased the WD Live and had issues getting it to use the Windows 7 streaming to work.  (would give error messages like, “No media found in folder”), or simply just not connect at all.  I also seemed to have random ‘share access’ problems as well, sometimes asking for passwords when I had it set on the homework to not have passwords for shares.

Countless web searches directed toward reg hacks, specific homegroup settings, reboots, etc., I still didnt’ get streaming to work right.  After many hours i finally submitted to doing a fresh install of Windows 7, which it did work right out of the box.  (that is, Windows streaming and file sharing w/o any fails).  I then added software back on and periodically tested to see when , (or if), it would break.  (i thougth i could have just had a bunk install to start with).  Anwyways, once I  instaled AVG v. 9, (the free version) steaming stopped working. - after i uninstalled it, streaming began to work again.  (i’m yet to re-install it and figure out what part of AVG broke it or what exceptions I need to put in)

I have not figured out how to “Fix” it so it does work with AVG, but I wanted to post this to maybe help someone out in case they were also pulling out there hair to get the streaming to work properly.  If  I get the fix, i’ll post it.

I’ve seen other posts of folks not getting streaming to work and perhaps it’s their virusscanning software.

System Specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

AVG Free Edition version 9

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Thanks for the info.  Hopefully, more people will see this and pay attention to it.