Issue with WD-XMS 2500 Portable Hard Drive

Okay, so I’ve had the drive for about two years and it worked fine up until about 5 days ago. At first, the drive no longer recognized at all, but the blue light was on and I could hear the disk spinning. It looked like the USB connector pins were bent/crooked so I [carefully] bent them back into place, and now it will read on my laptop, but not my PS3. But even though it reads on my laptop, a message pops up: “This device can perform faster if connected to a 2.0 USB slot.” or whatever that message is. I tried a different cable. [4, actually.] Checked all my drivers, they are up to date, tried to delete the INFCACHE file, didn’t work. So…can anyone tell me if there is a fix, or is my drive toast? Any and all help is appreciated! Using Vista btw.

Yes I have had the same problem with it being invisible. I contacted Tech Support & they couldn’t help. They tell me it is probably faulty & take it back to the seller. They gave me a case number. I have Vista too. Also manual says to have anti virus etc disconnected. Did you do that?? Cheers.