Issue with WD 500 gb external drive

Hi All,

I am facing a issue with my WD 500GB external drive.It was working fine -when I bought it 4 months back and I used it with Windows XP and back up all my old computer files.

Presently I am using Windows 7 Enterprise version and want to access my WD external for some old reference.

I can access the files but I can not modify anything in that drive- can not cut or paste anything in that drive.It is asking me to skip or get a permission to do the things.

Releasing that - I formatted the drive with windows7 and all files gone only one “Recycle” folder  is still sitting down there and I can not delete/format/cut the same.I am the administrator of my system so credential is not an issue for my computer.

Presently that drive is formatted and other than that folder - there is noting available in that drive - and I can not use the drive as it is not giving me the option to create a new folder inside that or paste some content inside that.

FYI - I scan the drive for virus and it is passed that also…

Please help me out here to use the drive with ease.

In the drive properties give full permission to Everybody and see if that helps. Vista and Windows 7 can be a major pain with sharing/premissions. You may need to take ownership oof drive also.


I have full permission for the drive.

FYI - Today I was trying to use WD Data Lifeguard Tool and wants to Full erase the disk.

But I got the error "Sector #3840-4096 :: Write Zeros error ! Continue " - and it was not erase the disk…

Please help me out to get rid of this problem…