Issue with thumbnail generation WD PR2100

EDIT: If a Admin or Moderator can close this I’ve decided to buy another nas, not wd. It’s amazing after all these years how these issues still remain. Won’t be buying WD again.

Hi, I have the WD PR2100 which was bought a few days ago and I have already been through and done the steps advised on the site to re generate the thumbnails but to no avail on the wd app. Strangely screenshots do not even appear in the wd app under photos unless I go to “All” (where they show with no thumbnail) they don’t appear at all in the photos section. They are stored as .PNG (for the screenshots from iPhone) however some of them show on the My cloud website (

The other files that won’t show thumbnails are videos which are the following extensions .3GP .MOV and .MP4 (some will and some won’t have thumbnails even though it’s the same file extension) And none of the photos / videos have been edited on the My cloud itself or the file names changed.

This is used for storage purposes only, again I never had this issue with the My cloud home, I also have a My cloud gen 1 also with the same issues unfortunately.

EDIT: Regarding the screenshots: I have also tested on the My cloud gen 1 and a PNG (iPhone screenshot) will not show up either, however when I rename it to JPG it shows in the photo page and not just on the all tab, it’s a little test I thought I’d do so why is this?

Why does it seems the My Cloud home app generates them fine but not on either the gen 1 or pro series?

Anyone know where I could be going wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

You can rerer the link mentioned below to troubleshoot for the thumbnail issue.

Thanks but I already have done all the steps on there as mentioned in the post, also if you see the top of the post I’ve decided to go with another nas vendor and no longer have any of these issues.

Thanks for the comment.