Issue with MyWorldBook II (Blue Rings)


I have an issue with MyWorldBook (the older one with the blue rings).  All of a sudden the drive is not powering on.  Basically the power adaptor’s LED is lighting up when I switch on the power supply, however the drive fails to light on/power on.  There are no sounds whatsoever, as if it’s dead.

Did anyone ever encounter such an issue?  Is there any solution to this?  I have loads of important information inside it that are required. :confounded:


Hi, try using another compatible power supply. If you don’t have one, call tech support to se if they can help you get one.


My My Book World Edition II 1 TB bought Oct 2008 gave up on January 2012 just like that. Power supply was OK, took both HDDs and found both unreadable, unrecognized by any BIOS. Tried different OS-s and recovery softwares but nothing. So it is probably the lifecycle about 3-4 years and after that it’s trash. I lost all my backups and fortunately nothing more. Can’t trust WD products after that.

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