Issue with My Passport Ultra WD

I have an issue with My Passport Ultra WD. When I plug it in to my laptop, it blinks for seconds then disconnects automatically. It does not show in my computer. Furthermore, I have tried to connect it to another PCs with another cables but the problem persists. Yesterday, I visited a store that deals with such errors. The representative opened the HD (without connecting it to the PC) and told me that this is a manufacturer error that is accelerated by either plugging it in to a smart tv or unplug from a PC without ‘safely remove’. Also, he told me that every HD consists of a board and a media, in my case, the board is unrepairable but he can extract the media for me which will take 5 working days.
My question is, can I do this by myself? How?


We would recommend you to contact our preferred data recovery partners for any data recovery services or contact any professional data recovery centre.


As the representative informed you that the issue is related to the board of the drive and it is unrepairable then it is better to consult any professional data recovery service provider only.

You can try using any DIY data recovery software but using any software may lead to permanent data loss situation. In such cases, taking experts suggestion is the best idea. Further, you can check the below link if you need professional data recovery services:

Hope it helps!