Issue with My Cloud 3To streaming video and music

Im having an intermittent issue with a My Cloud 3To when Im streaming video & music to a PC

Video : I tried with VLC and Windows Media Player Classic (CCCP codecs).

I get an intermittent error playing video files from the My Cloud.

I tried on two different computers (but wired 1Gb connection).

The stream option is checked on the My Cloud share options.

The error occur at random time and if i go back and start playing the video right before I got the error, its all fine.

Music :  Itunes

The mp3 stops and goes to the next song on the playlist without stating any error.

The weird thing is I have no issues how so ever when I stream on my WD TV Live (wireless connection).

I got lastest firmware in everything. 

Anyone got an idea how to fix my issue ?

Did you try from a smartphone or tablet? It looks like a computer side issue if a dlna client like your TV can stream effectively.

I also get some video interruption from full screen video playing in iTunes if the antivirus software (Norton 360) kicks in. So I switch to silent mode to avoid these video interruptions