Issue with localized VOB files (maybe an angle problem?)

I noticed an issue, I’m not sure if the WD developers read this forum. But maybe anybody have the same problem and could give me a solution…

While playing the copied from DVD VOB files, which contain the video with many language localizations (video, not audio!), on the places where the multiple video timelines are present, WDTV shows all of them serially, repeating the fragment many times with different languages. It looks like the broken video on this position.

As an example the movie “Polar Express” on the european DVD has this. There are some video localizations, for example where the texts in the video are in German or English, depending on which language is selected.

I think it is something with many angles, but I’m not sure. How can I fix it? Is it a firmware bug?

Are all files in a VIDEO_TS folder ?

I recognized a bad behaviour of my WDTVLIVE, when files are not in such a folder.

I’ll try it asap…

I experienced the same behavior with ISO files. When a multilanguage video part comes WD simply puts on one frame (or a series of frames) for e.g. 0.5s and skips to the next part with no multiangle. No audio in the meantime. For example Wall-E is full of such problems, but I saw this thing on other videos as well. If I want to FF these sequences the mpeg playback goes wrong (divx and other formats are still ok), and comes back only after a ‘Reset to factory defaults’.