Issue with Intel RST

Hi everyone,

I’ve built a small PC based on Intel RST and WD Red 4TB drives.

The RAID volume created with those drives is hightly unstable ie, after 1 or 2 reboot, the RAID is in a failed status with “Error Occured” or disks back to “Non-RAID HDD”.

No matter if I try RAID 1 or RAID 5, the issue remains the same.

So, I’ve tried the exact same thing by replacing WD Red by WD Re4 and everything is stable and performing well.

Any idea to help me having those Red HDD work ?
Any help would be highly appreciated.

FYI : here my message on Intel board :

Edit : Everything is also fine with Red 1TB. We are testing Red 2TB

All the Red 4TB are the same model number?

Hi ERmorel,

I’ll check the model number tomorrow.
What I can tell you is that they were bought at the same time at the same suplier. So there is a certain probability that the come from the same batch.

They are all WD40EFRX-68WT0N0