Issue with annoying messages

Hello all,

I have a WD TV LIVE HUB and Im preparing a video presentation with a series of short videos that Id like to play seamlessly.

When I put them in a folder and play the first one, the WDTV already jump to the next video at the end of the first and so forth. But everytime a new video begins, the WDTV shows a message on the upper left corner, with audio and subtitle informations.

My question is: The message does appear briefly, but Id like to know if there is a way I can turn it off. Im dealing with short videos and the message becomes annoying after a while…

If there isnt a way to turn this off, can anyone think of some other possibility? Ive already tried to make a .WPL playlist, and the message still appears everytime.

Any thoughts?


Search the theme forum. Many solutions there.

Hi Tony,

So, the only option avaiable is tweaking with the theme…

I saw an answer to this question from 2010, and thought there could be another way…

Maybe a new firmware update…

Anyway, I’ll try some of that.



Scroll half way down this page…

Unzip the file, then upload the VideoMod folder to your Hub. (Just as you would with a theme)

(I posted this in the SMP forum, but it will work for the Hub as well.)

Audio and Subtitle Info Gone :smiley:  (if you need to access Subtitles Press the Option Button on your Remote)