Issue with access to MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Since a couple of days I can only access the public folder of my disk.
I can access all the saved data on the public folder.
I can not access the dashboard, and the users can not access their own dedicated space on the disk.
Both status lights of the two disks are currently red.
I do not think of a real disk error since it is still possible to read the “public” data.
The red status persisted also after restarting the EX2 ultra.

Can anyone suggest to me how to proceed to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Can you WRITE to the Public share or do you get “not enough space” message?

Here are the causes of Power and Drive Red LED.

Yes, I can write to the Public share, and read the file after.

Is there any software that can help me checking the status of the disks and then repair them?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

to add more detail:
While trying to access the dashboard, the system is asking to choose the language and to create one admin password as it is the first time someone is using the device.
The admin was already created when I bought the device two years ago, as well as the other users.
Today also the users can not access their data.
I am running Mac OS Mojave, as well as the other users within my domestic wifi network.
(currently the EX2 is directly connected to my Mac via ethernet)

@Alb9 It sounds like you are in the middle of the My Cloud OS 5 Update flow.
My Cloud OS 5 is a major upgrade from My Cloud OS 3 which requires a new ‘admin’ user password and the adding of new users. Until you’ve completed the update, there will be no local device users created although the share names will remain. Cloud Access and a new Trusted Cert can only be obtained when the EX2 Ultra has internet connection.

The following KBA will help.