Issue w/TV Live and WD Element disks


Following advice from WD on support case [Deleted] in which both of my WD TV Live will behave erratically when trying to use Netflix or Youtube I decided to post in this forum.

The scenario is this:

  1. WD TV Live, both devices with up to date firmware 1.13.18 (1/2013)
  2. WD Elements Desktop 2 TB

This is the problem I’m reporting:

  1. Once I choose the option “Netflix” inside the "Services"menu it takes about 1 minute to start.
  2. When I choose any movie or chapter from any series (i.e.: 24, Season 2, Chapter 1) the video starts to load showing first a progress bar, the sound starts while the progress it’s still half way and the progress freezes up.
  3. Then the remote control keystrokes take about 30 seconds to execute the command (back, up, down, Home, etc.) 
  4. If the video starts playing (rare case) it stops and the WD TV Live remains unresponsive for hours, and it must be power cycled in order to be restored to a operational state.
  5. This happens also with Youtube when trying to play any video, without the progress bar issue because there isn’t one, but the WD TV Live is unable to play most videos from youtube.
  6. If I disconnect the WD Elements Desktop 2 TB, the WD TV Live works like a charm on Netflix and Youtube.

I have tried this with two diferent WD TV Lives that I have purchased, initally WD Suport instruct me to create an RMA to replace the unit because it was defective, but I find it hard to believe that both units I purchased are in the same condition, and my opinion is that this option is unnecesary.

Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from anybody about this…Regards


Try unpulging the box then plug it back in for a cold boot.

I tried that…didn’t solve the problem…Thanks.