Issue using tversity

Hi all. New here and have an issue that I hope someone can resolve. Let me start by saying that I am not that savy when it comes to technical issues. I have a friend that is and he is a bit stymied by this also.

I an running tversity into my my wd live plus media player. It takes at least 10 minutes for the player to find tversity. The only reason I know that it is actually found is that I was watching a show through the box that I had loaded opn a zip drive. When the show was ov er I noticed that tversity was now showing under media players.

Why does it take so long for tversity to be found and is there a way that I can have it located as soon as I boot the machine on?


You might have bottleneck in your network, do you have the latest firmware update installed?

This is a brand new plus machine. I did upgrade to the newest firm ware. I think that I found the answer to my problem. I had just a couple of shows on tversity to test. When I installed them, I put them directly into tversity. The proper way is to have a seperate folder for your data and tell tversity where to find it to put it on the tv. After doing this, tversity starts right up on my tv.