Issue playing mkv files

While playing mkv files (either through attached usb port or ethernet), sometimes my TV will go black screen for a few seconds and then come back to resume playing the video again. Is this a known problem or I just got a defective unit? I am using the lastest firmware (released Jan 2010).

I have successfuly played 2 1/2 horus and 3 hours long movie files, including MKV, and not a single problem.

What output are you using ?  Are you using HDMI out by an y chance ?    Sine you’ve used both USB keys and the ethernet connection, both of which have worked perfect for me…  Perhaps a bad HDMI cable ? 

Try the analog outputs (composite or component) with the same file to see if you still get  the blackouts.

If you are using HDMI try a new cable.

If problem persists, try turning off the unit, unplug it for a minute, plug it back in and turn on and try again.

I am using HDMI cable. I played the same files before and they were working perfectly well. So the cable somehow got burnt?

try to reset the player back to default to see if it works