Issue Deleting Backup From MyBookLive

Just after some help with this one please, hopefully quite simple…

In short, I upgraded to Mountain Lion and all my old Lion back ups are no longer visable in Time Machine for me to delete and free up some space. I therefore did it the old school way of just dumping all the items in the Trash, by using Finder, emptied trash and job done, or so I thought…

It would appear that despite the fact that the files have now gone from the back up location on finder, something is still holding the space… It’s about now, I remembered the previous issues with the pain in the **bleep** settings that this drive comes out of the factory with, with the hidden back up portion of the drive as such.

I’ve logged in to the dashboard, and that is still showing a large amount of space as being used by the backup which I should’ve just deleted… I’ve then gone to trash the files using the dashboard, but everytime, it times out and nothing happens…

So, question time, anything I can do to resolve this at all?

Whilst writing and somewhat off topic, but to the WD staff, has there been any news of a Twonky update to support the streaming file types that it’s advertised that the MyBookLives support yet!?

Cheers in advance!

You may try doing a Quick Factory REstore, to erase all data from the drive.  If you have additional data, not from Time Machine, you may save it to another location before proceeding.

Regarding your question about the Twonky update you may contact WD directly: