Issue Creating Full RMA Order

I work with a considerable amount of Hard drives and have had to RMA quite a few drives in the last year or so. My RMA’s have always been full boxes of 20x drives, which makes tracking my numbers very easy. Last week when I attempted to create an RMA order, the website only allowed me to add 19 drives. I spoke with WD Support and was told that their policy had changed and they now only allow 19 drives max per RMA. Now I know policies can change without warning, but this seems like a pretty ridiculous change to make. Has anybody else dealt with this issue? Is there something I am missing?

Don’t think any of us can help you-we’re only doing one at a time. Given all the issues with the end user rma’s, this isn’t surprising. On a large scale, the harder it is to return products, the fewer replacements they have to make(and the less money they lose).