Issue: cannot see UPnP Server

Hi everybody,

I need help on this one - I’m kinda baffled as it happened overnight and can’t pinpoint the source of the issue.

Here is my setup

  • WD Live w/latest firmware

  • Windows Homer Server (HP EX487 with PowerPack 3) w/ the PVConnect and  TVersity

When I try to connect to the WHS through my WDL, I cannot see the server through the “Media Server” option - can’t see TVS or PVC…  I can see the server through the network share access though (am listening to music as I type through this method).  I can see the servers from Windows Media Player though.

Anyone have an idea to pinpoint the issue?

Many thanks!


I re-checked everything and the problem points toward the WD device.

Is there a way to downgradet the firmware?

You can view downgrade instructions in this thread here:

Before doing so, have you tried a reset to factory defaults?  Occasionally, features and settings don’t seem to work right following firmware updates and resetting to defaults resolves it.

There’s the reset button on the side of the unit, as well as the option to reset via the setup menu.