ISOs play back differently from original DVDs?

I just finished copying six seasons - 3 disks each - to iso using the same software. All play well, however season one has large black borders left & right.  The other seasons do not and fully fill the screen with no borders,

The disks themselves of season one fill the screen as the others…  only the isos have these borders. I checked to see if there were widescreen and regular versions for season one, but there seems to be only the one. As with the other seasons.

Any ideas… 

If the season 1 episodes are all 4:3 (and later seasons 16:9) that would make sense.

If could be that your DVD Player or TV is “zooming” or “stretching” the 4:3s to fill a 16:9 screen.

The WDTV player won’t do that.

Thanks Tony…