.ISO reboots at will

Seriously, can this device BE any more unstable???  Playing .ISO’s from either the USB or Ethernet, it’s hit or miss whether it plays or reboots the system.  I spend more time watching the Welcome screen than my movies. Latest firmware just pathetic

BD ISOs, DVD ISOs? The latter work fine for me.

I have the same problem.  What I noticed though is that (in preview mode) as I flip through my list when I get to the iso I want to play if I wait a few seconds for it to ‘load’ meaning the little preview window on the right starts to play and all the info under that loads it will play fine. If I flip through quickly and hit select immediately the iso will not play and the wd will reboot. However I’ve only tried this a few times and cant say whether this will work in every situation.

Yea, that works sometimes, but not all the time.  And it’s DVD, I don’t even think you can make an ISO out of a Bluray disk

Of course you can. The WD won’t play it properly though cause it always plays back the longest title.

davidsco wrote:

I don’t even think you can make an ISO out of a Bluray disk


Yes you can.  An ISO is basically just a zip file with ISO as the extension.

Actually, it’s not cause its contents are not compressed. It’s more like an image of a disc retaining it’s structure (including  padding).

Well whatever it it us you can unzip it.