.iso question

I just attached a new WD Elements 2GB usb hard drive to my WDLivePlus, and noticed an issue.

I have iso copies of football games which I had transferred to disk and imaged. I played back one of those files just fine. But when I tried to access other iso files, I got the windows that says the file cannot be played, consult the owners manual.

Just for fun, I used windows explorer to browse to the  iso file on the attached drive, and mounted an iso. It played back just fine.

I take it that when I transferred the files from my old drive, some of the needed file attributes or metadata were not properly carried over.  I suppose I can just re-image the original disk files to the new hard drive, replacing the “defective” ISO, or perhaps rip them into .mkv files.

What is the best alternative?

Nah, that’s a bug with the WDTV.   After playing a certain number of ISOs, it can no longer mount any additional ones until rebooted.

You can roll back if you need to.