Iso problems

I really have a love hate relation with this device. When i play a dvd iso file from the local storage it works fine, when i play the same iso from a networkshare you see the preview on the thumbnail ok, but when you start the iso the screen goes black and the device hangs when you touch the home button the device reboots and you have to wait about 10 min. Several of my friends who visit me say, throw the device in the canal and buy a good mediaplayer. Does anyone knows a solution to proof there wrong.

Thx, Ronald

Sorry I don’t have a solution, but you should not have any problems doing what you are trying to do. I have almost all of my movies on a network share (Windows Samba), and the majority of them are ISO files I ripped from the original DVDs using DVD Decrypter. My HUB, LivePlus and the Win7 box that is hosting the movies on external USB drives are all hardwired to a switch and I am able to stream the movies without issue to both devices.

Proof that your friends are wrong? For me at least… :smileyvery-happy:

Good luck, hopefuly someone else here has a real answer to your issue.


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I also have large number of DVDs in iso format, and no problem playing it from network :frowning:

I do not have a solution, but I recently have had the same sort of problem:  All worked well until I got a second WD Live Plus like my first one.

The original player  is wired to the network, has two drives connected and plays ISOs fine; it even plays ISOs on the PC drive.

So, I add a second Live Plus that is connected wirelessly (and 10 feet from the router) and all plays fine; including ISOs from drives on WD #1, except that I cannot use List Mode to select the movie, I have to use Preview Mode, let the preview start the ISO, move to the preview screen and hit the OK button and all plays well.  If I select to play an ISO on WD #2 by clicking on the file name it starts movie for a split second and player freezes/locks up, and I have to reboot player by removing power.

Since I have not had a chance to swap these two WDs around and put one where the other is, I cannot determine what is causing the problem – yet.  But, I plan to.

Anybody got any ideas for me?

Files play fine locally, not so much over the network. Sounds like an issue with your network, not the Live Hub.