Iso Playback

hi guys i tried to play an iso file in my smp. it plays first 2 seconds and freezed. after that i could not able to use it. i cant even turn it of by using remote control. i had to pull down the power cable manually. did any one have same experience? does wdtv live smp play iso files? any suggestions or comments?


Yes, WDTV SMP can play .ISO files.

From where you trying to play this .ISO file? from local storage attached via USB or from network?

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I was trying to play from local storage attached via USB

Ok, connected to which one USB port?

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Have you tried to play another .ISO file?

Have you tried to reset player to factory defaults and to full reset player itself? [hold power button for 10 seconds for complete power off, then turn it on again]

What USB storage you use?

What’s current firmware installed in your player?

Thankyou for the reply and Hint Zebra9. It is working now.i use th back usbport. it is playing good but when i hook my pendrive in front usbport it is not working. anyway i can playit from port2. thankyou for ur hint.

no problem