ISO Playback Stutters

My ISO playback on the hub stutters with every movie that I’ve ripped regardless of whether it’s stored on my NAS (Drobo FS) or the hub internal HD.  The same files play flawlessly on my WD Live box.   I use AnyDVD to perform the rips.  I was really hoping the latest firmware update would fix this.  :-(  BTW, .m2ts and .mkv files play flawlessly.  I only rip to ISO for SD DVDs.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

Yeah, there’s something wrong with the rips…  I’ve never had a problem playing ISOs on the Hub.  I used DVDFab.

Thanks Tony!  Not sure why there would be a difference but will give DVDFab a try.

Well, I gave DVDFab a try for ripping my SD DVDs to ISO and they still stutter.  I’ve again tried to play them off of my NAS and the internal HD with the same results.  Any other ideas?  Could it be the compression?  I rip them them at DVD9 spec to keep the full quality of the original.

I think after a month of frustration I have finally figured out how to play ISO files without stutter.  The fix appears to be in System Setup > Additional Encoding Support > Central Europe ISO (must be selected).  The hub documentation refers to garbled characters in the sub/title support but this also seemed to fix my video stutter problem.  Hopefully others will find this remedy helpful.

Stuttering stopped after turning off the 

DLNA server.  

I had the same problem. I first tried the advice to change the option to Western Europe ISO and that didn’t fix it. I then followed johnharspin’s advice and turned off DLNA media server, and now ISOs play fine without a stutter. Thanks john. Please fix this WD. 

Where’s the DNLA setting?

Under Setup / Network Settings.