ISO playback + HDMI timing match freeze problem reintroduced since 1.09.10

Hi, I had problems with playback of DVD ISO images with HDMI timing match turned on, the whole player would freeze and require a reboot. This was fixed by a firmware update, I think 1.09.10.

With some later update, not sure which (using 1.12.14 now), the problem has been reintroduced. Whenever I try to play a DVD ISO image (with match timing on) the player freezes with a black screen and requires rebooting. If I turn off match timing it works fine.

Anyone else seeing this? Could the problem really have been reintroduced with post-1.09.10 firmware updates?

edit: I play back over wifi from a Windows share. Other files (mostly hd .mkv h264, also some .mov quicktime hd trailers and  assorted .avi files) work fine.

Hi, you could try doing a rollback to a previous version and check if the problem happens again.