ISO or better?

Everything that I have is archived in ISO, what format could I convert to that will still give me chapter points, preserve a good chunk of video quality (no major artifacts) and reduced file size. I’m ripping at full ISO of just the main movies so most of my files are in the 3-4 GB range, would be nice to get that down to 2 or under per movie, but the key is that I still want chapter points and good quality. 

What format does anyone recommend that meets this need? 

Thanks in advance. 

Have you checked out makemkv? I just finished ripping about 50 DVDs and was able to get most of the title down to the 2-3GB range. Looks like you can retain chapters as well, but you might have to double check. I wasn’t worried about chapters when I was ripping.

As the previous poster implies, MKV is a good choice.  It will retain chapter points.

However, the best way to convert your stuff to that format is Handbrake – it’s proven freeware that produces the very highest quality easily and accurately.  Just use the High Profile preset (but change the output type to MKV) and that’s about all you’ll ever need (if you want surround sound and your system can decode it properly, pass through the DTS or AC3 tracks as well).

Using that preset most movies will fall between 500mb and 1GB and yet be indistinguisable from the original, even on a 9’ HD screen.  (Blu-ray movies will be bigger though).

from page 38

Supported Video Formats
The following video file formats are supported.

can you play those .iso files at all? if so, does this mean they have to be full .iso, without any compression at all?  not an expert, but most of my .iso files use compression so that when i need to burn them to a standard dvd of 4.7 gigs, they will fit. 

any help/tips would be appreciated.



Depends on the ripping software.   Some rippers do a terrible job maintaining full DVD spec when compressing the contents.    I don’t compress mine; I leave them as-is  (that’s what DVD-DL is for. :slight_smile: )

pieroway wrote:


from page 38


Supported Video Formats
The following video file formats are supported.

ok. thanks to your words, i tried to watch an .iso via the network share approach.  is this the best or only way to do it?

I find it odd that i CAN NOT view the same file when going through the media server menu.

but, i guess, as long as i can get at them some way it’ll work. i can even use the dvd menus.

in the end, it all comes down to the silly way media servers require you to specify the type of file you want to view even when you’ve selected the ‘i want to view photos’ menu path.  ie - view photos, then select photos (as if i didn’t already say that)

either way, thanks for the help.  now i know i can view .iso as expected with menu capabilities.  i just have to get to them via the network share menu.

much appreciated,


It’s not that the WDTV doesn’t support DVD playback via Media Server, it’s that Media Server doesn’t support it because it requires interactivity (with the menus and stuff.)   Media Servers only stream a data file, leaving no way for the DVD navigation to work.

Not really surprising in that regard.

As Tony said, media servers don’t always serve what you want and that is their limitation.

Thanks Mike I’ve used Handbrake before and I’ll dust off a copy and give it a try and see what I can do, I know that from DVD Fab I can re-rip to MKV but the process is very lengthy, I will see if I can get there from an ISO using Brake and give it a whirl. 

As always thanks! 


Don’t Dust Off a Copy.

Go download a recent Nightly HERE:  HandBrake Nightly

And yes, Handbrake can read ISOs just fine.   I do it all the time if I want to transcode for my QNAP Mobile player.   Watching an episode of X-Files right now.   :slight_smile: