.iso of tv series dvd'd

I was wondering if anyone else had luck playing back iso’s of tv series dvd’s? I have the simpsons seasons 1-11 backed up as iso’s that play back fine on vlc running osx. When i play an iso through wd tv live using network share it plays everything perfectly including menus,  except the last episode on the iso wont play at all. For example if the iso has 6 episodes the first 5 will play but the last wont do anything when I select it. Anyone have experience with this?

This happens with all your ISO’s backup? I can play my ISO’s over the network without any issue.

Actually some iso’s will play the very  last episode but stop maybe five to to ten minutes short.  

I just tried my News Radio Season 4 disc 2 iso and the last 3 episodes dont play.  Again the iso mounted on my computer running osx and played through vlc works perfectly. I wonder what could be wrong?

It’s strange cause with flawed authoring usually the entire disc won’t play. What did you rip the disc with?

I ripped them using ripit and then converted that to iso using AquaISO. Weird that they play perfect on my computer. 

VLC is excellent at playing imperfect files.

However, the VLC logs will also make it pretty clear if the files have problems;  you might look there for some clues.

Also, you might try:

   1- Re-ripping it again.

   2- Go download the free trial of AnyDVD or DVDFab and rip it directly to ISO from there.

I ripped 100% of my vids using DVDFab and have never had that issue.

You’re probably right about vlc playing imperefect files. These iso’s do play perfectly in vlc but don’t play in the apple dvd player app. Weird that the iso’s play at all using wd tv live though.