ISO issue with new firmware

All current ISO files on my hub where present and functional before updating to   Firmware Version 3.00.28.

Now when I try and play 3 different Seinfeld ISOs, they either continually loop thru the warning screen or just sit at a blank screen.

The ISO’s where made using AnyDVD HD and worked prior to update.

The rest of the ISO’s work fine.

I can play the mentioned ISO’s if I turn OFF DVD menu support,But can’t select an episode without forward thru the all that I watched .                                                                                                                                                                             

My isos are working better since the firmware used to lock up all the time and it was a menu problem now haven’t had one lock yet. AS far as Tv shows I have mine by the episode and no menu I use Tonyph scarper for these. What I like about doing it this way is that if you go to preview mode when you hit the chapter skip button it will play the next episode

You are not alone, I have had issues with ISO playback as well

See the bug reports here:



Say Kudos and bump up the bug report if you have same issue.