ISO from Toy Story 3 with DVD Cloner 8


I will backup my entire collection of DVD’s to a HD to use it instead of the original DVD’s.

The process that I will use is:

   - WD TV Live

   - WD Elements 1TB

   - DVD Cloner 8

   - 1:1 method

   - ISO file

I’m testing the process just to check that everything is working.

I started with Toy Story 3, one of the last DVD’s that I bought. The first time that I played the ISO file everything was working but when I used the command to skip one chapter I got a black screen. After that, I always get a black screen when I try to play the movie from the ISO file.

Can anyone help here.

I just want to start the process of backing up my entire collection when everything is working.

Thanks in advance,

Does the  black screen come after you cloned the DVD? Or with the original?

Some company’s Ive noticed at least with disney have some sort of security on there dvds which dont let you copy them correctly. I had the same issue trying to copy TRON Legacy. I just copied the audio and video files. 

pbamaral - ive been using DVD Cloner 7 to backup most of my collection to ISO - I have noticed that ‘sometimes’  it does not read the disc correctly. Before using the 1:1 method I always run it through the CUSTOMIZE method first and look at the results to see if the disc has been read correctly - and then I run the 1:1 method

The majority of my issues have been found when trying to copy boxsets - usually stand-alone films are ok.

if all else fails, try DVDFab - if i have any issues with copies using DVD Cloner then I use DVDFab - its free - compare the customize results on DVDFab to Cloner and see if theres any differences…DVDFab has worked evertyime for me so far

OH - and another thing I have noticed with copies using Cloner is that, once again, only sometimes, completely random, is that when i attempt to play the ISO by pressing play on the ISO itself then it wont work (the majority will) - but if I then press play on the folder containing the ISO then it will work fine - again however, some copies keep the DVD Menus and some dont - like i said, results can be competely random from copy to copy…but as long as the film plays for me then i dont mind on losing out on the Menu functionality…