ISO Files Not Playing In Chronological Order!

Okay… the sheen has worn off (HDMI issues, theme issues, etc). I’ve reverted back to the original theme because right now, I don’t care so much how the interface looks on the TV. What I care most about is having my TV series play in chronological order… example: I purchased the I Love Lucy series. There are 7 seasons. I want to place them all in ONE “I Love Lucy” folder and when I highlight that ONE folder, I want the first episode on the disc 1 to play,and so on. I’ve converted them to ISO files and after researching this forum, I’ve tried the suggested ways to name the ISO file. Even though I have the first disc named ILL_S01_D01, when I highlight the entire folder and press the play button (and not the OK putton), it always plays season 6 disc 1. What am I doing wrong? I’d prefer to have all the discs in 1 folder. I don’t want to have the seasons in seperate folders. Is this possible?

So, if you do press OK (to descend into the folder) are the disks at least sorted in the proper order then?

Yes, but I don’t want to do the folder progression thing. I just want one folder, with all the ISOs in the folder, playing in order. I don’t care about seperating seasons. I’m about to test out my theory in about an hour. I’ll report my findings.

The suggested naming would be





and this works for me, all DVDs are played back in order when I press PLAY on the folder and SKIP to get to the next ISO. Hower, even with DVD Mode on, skipping from one disc to another will make the SMP play the ISOs back somewhat erratically. It’ll skip the menu and play one of the eps first (not necessarily the first one on the disc but also not the largest) and not return to the menu automatically even if the DVD is authored that way.

I had them listed exactly like that, and they still play erratically. Baffling. I removed all the meta info, as I don’t really care about the movie sheets and all of that stuff. What’s DVD mode? Maybe I need to change something in the Options menu.

Lrigyttiw wrote:

I had them listed exactly like that

Which is it? Above you wrote S01_D01 instead of S01D01. DVD mode can be set in options and allows the SMP to navigate a DVD menu.

Finally, everything is working great. I renamed everything like this:

Johnny Sokko (folder)

     JS_D01 (disc)


Ultraman (folder)



and so on… now they play in chronological order when I press the PLAY button on the remote at the folder level. Took me two weeks of trial and error to figure this out. Also, I love the network share option for Windows 7, where I can add files to the external hard drive while the HDD is connected directly to the SMP. I was having to eject everytime I wanted to add ISOs. Now I don’t have to… I stumbled across this while reading the PDF. So convenient and no corrupt files! I love this thing.